Explore the Marsh

Children will explore the world of oysters, fiddler crabs, clams, mussels, blue crabs, shells and much more.


Children will learn how to fish, catch bait and throw a cast net properly and effectively. 

Fun in the Mud

Children will learn that getting dirty is all part of the fun while mucking in the marsh mud.

"the home of all these wonderful creatures"

Eco System Projects

Children will learn how each object in the marsh contributes to the delicate balance of the wetlands and how important it is to protect these pristine waters.

Games & Fun

Each camper will receive a booklet containing the activities for the week, with puzzles, games, illustrations and pages to color. A craft is also a project for the week that the camper will take as a reminder of their summer camp experience.


Each week we dissect a squid and also a crab or fish - to learn more about these marsh animals. We also learn to recognize gastropods and bivalves while studying shells.