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Chris Stone was very proud of his Wrightsville Beach heritage….growing up in a small community with nature as his constant companion. His fondest memories were his childhood explorations in the marsh and discovering the treasures in the mud. At an early age, he realized the importance of the wetlands and the delicate balance of nature right in his back yard.


What began as this seed of an idea to share “A Day in the Life” of Chris’s growing up here at the beach and in this mud, has become a legacy to his knowledge, fascination and love of Wrightsville Beach, his devotion and protection of this beach, as well as, his propensity for teaching and sharing these things with children. This camp truly encapsulates his life.


Let Children Be Children!

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The idea of Camp Chris Stone was “hatched” in January of 2015 with the help of family and friends who believed in this concept. The main goal of the camp was and still remains as when we first conceived this idea:  To let children experience and discover the amazing world of the marsh all while learning an appreciation of the surroundings and the importance of the wetlands.

From 2015 to 2021, Camp Chris Stone has grown from 24 campers to over 100 each summer and expanded from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Thank you for your support and we look forward to growing with you.

"Impressive staff and program! When your child talks about nothing else except what he learned from pick up until bedtime, you know you have a winning concept. This camp goes above and beyond in teaching about our environment, tailored directly to the age group. Class act all the way around!"

 ~ Allison Childs

"Great camp for kids to learn about the marsh! They fished, crabbed, made bamboo fishing poles, made wind chimes, dissected animals, and so much more! Highly recommend!!"

~ Melissa Alexander

"My 9 year old is having a blast and learning so much! Can't wait for next summer & we aren't even finished this years camp!"

~ Lauren Thompson

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